Prohibited Practices

It is illegal to hunt for trophies:

  • at night and/or with an artificial light;
  • that do not qualify in terms of the minimum measurement requirements as specified by the MET, Namibian Quality Control. If trophies do not meet this requirement, they do not have to be paid for. Exceptions are trophies with abnormalities and age deformities, which are taken home by the client, (Refer to the NAPHA Medal Brochure for minimum measurements.); and
  • in contravention of the Fair Chase principals as stated in the NAPHA Code of Conduct.

The immediate export of trophies from Namibia is possible only with a veterinary certificate, an export permit from the MET and the import permit as required by the country of final destination.

Prohibited firearms are

  • All handguns
  • All automatic firearms
  • All crossbows
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